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Job Descriptions

Bus Driver

Bus drivers work as drivers for a variety of bus companies (e.g., school systems, public urban transit, private transportation). If you are a bus driver, you will have some clearly defined and repetitive tasks (e.g., picking up/dropping off passengers, driving the same route).


This job usually requires a high school diploma and/or a GED certificate. In addition, a specific type of license for driving buses and a certificate in First Aid is required.

Previous Experience

Previous experience working as a driver in a similar setting and demonstrated safe driving experience is preferred.
Although many employers prefer that you have previous experience in the same or similar area of employment, it is strongly encouraged that you apply anyways if you have the required education and skills.

Job Duties

  • Inspect and monitor buses for gas, oil, and water levels on a regular basis.
  • Drive buses on established routes or to specific destinations on time.
  • Follow your required schedule as closely as possible.
  • Assist passengers with baggage (e.g., on motorcoaches) and collect fares or tickets if needed.
  • Provide information related to fares, schedules, stops, etc. to passengers.
  • Report any delays, mechanical problems, or accidents.
  • Monitor heating, lighting, and A/C systems for passenger comfort.
  • Load and unload baggage in baggage compartments if driving a motorcoach.
  • Record cash receipts and ticket fares.
  • Your employer may also ask you to carry out additional duties than those listed here.

What’s Your Scene?

This job requires that you are able to work "In the Scene." If you are working as a bus driver, you will be meeting and interacting with passengers on a regular basis. They will often ask questions of you and you will need to answer them in an appropriate and cooperative manner.

Skills / Abilities

Customer Service Skills - You will need to know how to provide excellent customer service.  This includes being able to determine if the customer is satisfied, and to meet their needs. It requires the ability to accept complaints from customers, and to calmly deal with high stress situations and angry customers. Displaying a pleasant and cooperative attitude is important.

Visual Motor Skills - Good visual abilities in order to see clearly and drive safely.

Manual Dexterity - This job requires the repeated and coordinated use of your hands, wrists, and fingers to drive and steer a bus.

Oral Expression - You will be required to speak clearly and effectively.

Reading Comprehension - Demonstrated ability to read, and follow written instructions and ideas.

Oral Comprehension - Demonstrated ability to understand and follow verbal instructions and ideas.

Environmental Demands

Location – Although you will be driving a bus in a climate-controlled setting, there may be occasions when you are required to stand outside (e.g., to collect tickets, load luggage).

Noise Level - The noise level can range from low (fairly quiet) to moderate (a little noisy), depending on the type of passengers that you have.

Lighting Level - Buses typically use florescent lighting and natural light will come through the windows.

Work Hours - The hours of this job may vary from part-time to full-time depending on your employer’s needs.  This job may have full-time working shifts (e.g., 9-5pm). However, it will depend on your employers’ needs and you may have to work before 9am or after 5pm (evenings).

Amount of Movement –This job typically requires that you sit for long periods of time.  You might also need to be able to stand, walk, lift, and pull for this job (e.g., pull open the side baggage area and lift luggage into it).

Cleanliness and Odors - This job setting is typically clean.

Work Attire - Work attire will typically be a uniform or casual clothing (it will depend on the company you are working for). 

Structure and Predictability - This job will typically have a higher degree of structure and predictability.  This means that you will usually complete the same tasks each day and you may be able to complete these tasks in the same order each day.  You will probably know how long each task should take you to complete.  You may not work in the same areas or locations each day (e.g., driving a different bus or route), and you may not interact with the same people each day (e.g., particularly customers).

What's the Pace?

    • Steady: In most cases, the work pace will be steady, which means that you will always have some work to do.  When the work pace is steady, you are working at a level “5” on a scale of “1” (nothing to do) to “10” (extremely busy, rushed pace).

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