I want to... Insert a Custom Image or Photo into the Image Library

Although View2Do provides an extensive image library, you may find it useful to import your own images for your students’ use. These can be illustrations or even photographs of places and objects that are familiar to your students.

  1. Open the Image Library by clicking on the Images tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

  2. About of a third of the way down, you’ll see an Import Image button. Click the Import Image button, and a pop-up window will appear. To choose your image file, enter a file name in the Image File box, or click on Browse. This will allow you to access your own files. Select your image and click Open. Next to Name (English), type whatever text you’d like to have associated with the image. Now click the Submit button.

  3. You’ll see a new pop-up window showing the Image Details for your uploaded file. Here you can add tags or a custom name to make it easier for other people to search or browse for your image in the image library. Add any desired tags and click Save.

  4. If your image file is too big, View2Do will automatically resize it for you. You’ll be shown a preview of the resized image and asked to confirm the image before it is uploaded into the library.

  5. Your image will now appear in the image library and can be edited and used in any of your worksheets, to-do lists, or graphic organizers. To view all of your imported images in the image library, choose Imported on the drop-down Category menu.