Adding Images & Text

You must know how to add images and text in order to create image sets and custom worksheets for students. Let’s start with how to add images.
  1. To add images, you must be in either the Create Image Set or Create Custom Form workspace. You can enter these spaces by clicking on the associated main tab along the top of your screen.

  2. Once you are in one of these workspaces, locate the Images tab on the left side of your screen. This tab contains the image library and search tools that you can use to find the image you want.

  3. There are a few ways you can search for an image. One way is to simply scroll through the image library.

  4. You can also select a specific language and category to narrow down your search. Then, scrolling to find your desired image won’t take so long.

  5. Finally, you can locate the image you want by entering the name or a keyword in the search bar and clicking ‘Search’. Your image should appear immediately.

  6. Once you’ve found the image you want to add, simply drag it from the image library into your workspace.

  7. Now, let’s learn how to add text to a worksheet. Text can only be added when operating in the Create Custom Form workspace. To enter this space, click the light purple “Create Custom Form” tab at the top of your screen.

  8. Next, locate the “Add Text Box” button on the left side of your screen. Click it, and an editable text box will appear in your workspace.

  9. Double click the text box and then enter the text. You can then use the Text menu options at the bottom of your screen to change the text appearance.