Ages: 6 years old and up
Number of players: 2 or more
Materials: Deck of Cards
Skill Practice: Classification, Visual discrimination, Planning and strategy 

Goal:   To be the first to get an Ace and 2 Face Cards (Jack, Queen, & King) of the same suit.

Set up:

  1. Dealer passes out 3 cards to each person
  2. The remaining cards are placed in a pile face down .This becomes the draw pile.
  3. The dealer turns over the top card face up and places it next to the draw pile

Rules for play:

  1. The players decide who goes first.  Play continues to the left of the lead-off player
  2. To take a turn, the player either take the card that is face up on the pile next to the draw pile, or may take the top card from the draw pile.
  3. After the player draws a card, the player must discard one card immediately.  After the player discards a card, the turn is over.
  4. Players must only keep three cards in their hand at any time
  5. Play continues until a player collects an Ace and 2 face cards of any suit.