Ages: 6 years old and up
Number of Players: 1- 2
Materials:  Deck of Cards and a Counter (a button, a coin, and/or a game pawn)
Skill Practice:  Ordering, Left-to-right scanning, visual discrimination, and Spatial skills

Goal: To get the counter from the card in the upper left corner to the lower right corner by following a set of rules.

Set up:

  1. Deal 50 cards face-up in an array with 5 rows with 10 cards in each row.
  2. Place the counter on the card in the upper left-hand corner.

Rules for Play:

  1. Moves must be made in the same column (vertical) or in the same row (horizontal)
  2. Moves alternate between the same number as the beginning card and the same suit. For example, if the counter starts on a 5 of clubs the first move must be to a club.  If the counter is placed on a 9 of clubs, the next move must be in the same column or row of that card and must be a nine.  Play continues following the above rules
  3. Players decide who will go first.
  4. Players alternate play following the rules above.
  5. The player who places the counter on the lower, right-hand card wins the game.


  • Each player will play the game through and compare who had the fewest moves to reach the bottom right hand card.