King’s Market

Ages:  6 years old and up
Number of players:  2- 8
Materials: Deck of cards, 6 pennies or tokens for each player
Skill Practice:  Number concepts of higher/lower, number sequencing

Goal:  Play a queen to capture the king’s tokens while getting rid of all the cards in your hand

Set up:

  1. Place the four kings in the middle of the table
  2. The players select a king to be the key card.
  3. Each player places a chip on the king key card
  4. Also, each player places a chip in the middle
  5. The dealer passes out the remaining cards to the players as well as creating an extra hand.
  6. Determine the number of hands in a round

Rules for play:

  1. Before the play begins, the deal can swap their hand for the spare hand.
  2. After the dealer decides to swap hands, the players to the right of the dealer may decide to use their penny or token to buy the spare hand.  If a player decides to purchase the hand, the player places their penny or token on the key card and swaps their hand with the extra hand.
  3. After the players have decided to keep or to swap their hand, the play begins.
  4. The player with the Ace of Spades begins play by laying their card below the King of Spades.
  5. The player with the 2 of spades plays next
  6. If no one has the Ace of spades, the player with the lowest spade plays their card.
  7. If there are no spades to play the player with the lowest red suit card plays.
  8. Play continues for each suit until the sequence is completed or no other cards can be played.
  9. After the suit is completed, the player with the lowest black suit starts the next sequence.
  10. The player who plays the queen of the same suit as the king key card takes the pennies or the token on the key card. If the tokens are not claimed, they stay for the next round.
  11. The player who gets rid of their cards first takes the coins or tokens from the center.
  12. Keep playing for the agreed upon number of rounds or until someone has collected all the coins.