Seven Up

Ages: 5- 10 years old
Number of players: 2-4
Materials: Deck of cards
Skill Practice: Number ordering

Goal: To order cards in a row moving from the left to the right starting with the Ace (meaning 1) and ending with a 7

Set up:

  1. Dealer passes out 7 cards, one at a time, face down to each player. The players do not look at their cards.
  2. The players place the cards in front of them, face down in a row.
  3. Place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table. This is the draw pile.

Rules for play:

  1. Play starts with the player on the dealer’s left
  2. Players take turns turning over the top card from the draw pile. Each player is trying to get a run of cards that follow the sequence Ace through 7. 
  3. If it is a target card, the player may use the card to replace a card already in the row in front of them.  The card is placed face up in the row in the appropriate position.  The card that was exchanged in placed face up in a discard pile.
  4. The next player may either take the just place in the discard pile or draw a new card from the draw pile.
  5. If the player decides to draw a card from the draw pile and decides it is not a desired card, the player places the card face up in the discard pile.
  6. Play continues until a player has a row in sequence beginning with an ace and ending with a 7.