Suck the Well

Ages: 4-12 years old
Number of Players: 2-4
Materials: Deck of Cards
Skill Practice: Number recognition, Counting, Visual discrimination

Goal: To win all the cards

Set up:

  1. Dealer passes cards face down one at a time to each player
  2. The players stack their cards into a pile face down.   

Rules for play:

  1. The player on the right of the dealer begins play.
  2. When playing with more than 2 people, play continues to the right.
  3. Each player take-turns one at a time by turning over their top card and placing it on the pile on the center.
  4. If a player plays a face card or an ace, the player is able to take the pile.  But before the player takes the pile, the next player must make a payment based upon  a number of cards based upon the previous card –
    1. If the previous card is a Jack, player plays 1 card
    2. If the previous card is a Queen, player plays 2 cards
    3. If the previous card is a King, player plays 3 cards
    4. If the previous card is an Ace, player plays 4 cards.
  5. If the player turns over a face card or an ace, while making a payment, the next player must play according to the previous card.
  6. If player making payment only turns over number cards, the player who put down the face card or the ace takes the cards and places them at the bottom of their stack.
  7. If a player loses all their cards, they are out of the game.
  8. The player who collects all of the cards wins the game.