The One Inch Daily form is great for creating social stories. It is easy to pair pictures with text descriptions.

This is an example of a story to help a child understand why biting others is wrong. Use Social Stories to target a specific behavior you wish to change, with a specific behavior you wish to replace it with. The child can earn a sticker in the right hand boxes for completion of each segment, if this suits the situation and child.

  • From File on the menu, select New Form > One Inch Daily.

  • Type a title in the title window box.

  • To select a picture, pick a category in Category Search and scroll down the search panel to the desired image. To add a picture either double click on it, OR single click, view picture at the bottom of the Search Panel and select Add Image.

  • Change the picture names to customize them for your story. For instance, to change "play with friends" to "this is fun!" in this example, select the"play with friends" picture (red outlined). Mouse click on the image and select Change Image Name. Type "this is fun!" in the box, and click OK. Repeat for any names you wish to change.

  • To type in text, click the center box where you want text to appear. A gray border indicates a box is selected for text input.

  • Input text by right mouse clicking and selecting Text > Edit Text. Enter text in this window and click OK.

  • To further customize any text, select a text box, right mouse click, select Text, then choose size (to change letter size), position (left, center or right), or style (bold, italics). If you want to edit the size, position or style of the entire form, use the Edit function at the top menu bar.

  • Ready to print or save? Go to the File menu and select either option. Please wait a few seconds for the print window to appear.
Social Story: No Biting
Not Right to Bite!
this is fun!
I like to play with friends.
play my way
Sometimes when I play with friends, I want them to play my way.
I feel upset
Sometimes when my friends won't play my way I get upset.
When I get upset I bite children. Children do not like it when I bite them.
That hurts!
When I bite children it hurts them. When I bite children they don't want to play with me.
When I am upset, instead of biting, I will listen to music to help me feel better.
no biting
When I play with my friends, I will not bite!