Sheet draped over frame

Frame with red line showing where masking tape is placed

Finished cover rolled up


Do these steps after gluing Velcro strips onto frame.

A standard queen size sheet is used for a cover. Black allows the most light blockage and is the least distracting, but you may choose to customize the cover to add color or designer sheets to make it more enticing for your child.

Step 1
Wash and dry the sheet
Plug in iron and warm up

Step 2: position sheet
Fold sheet in half lengthwise
Tape a piece of masking tape down the folded edge of the sheet
Drape sheet over frame (see draped picture)
Make sure the side of the sheet you want out is facing up
Line up masking tape on sheet with middle of frame crossbar (see frame picture)
Make sure sides and front are even
Leave on frame for step 3

Step 3: mark for Velcro and slit
Count the number of Velcro tabs glued to the frame - cut this many pieces of masking tape
Cut the same number of one inch pieces of fuzzy loop side (soft) Velcro
Crawl under tent
Wherever there is a piece of Velcro on the frame, use a piece of masking tape to mark where the sheet meets the Velcro
Along the back, use masking tape to mark length to cut slit (slit should come to top of frame)
Leave on frame for Step 4

Step 4: cut slit
Carefully remove sheet from frame
Along masking tape marking middle of the sheet, cut from edge of sheet to masking tape mark (from Step 3) to form slit
Cut 1/4 inch in both directions at end of slit (to make a T shape)
Fold back the two flaps 1/4 inch (towards underside of sheet) and iron flat

Step 5: glue slit and Velcro
Before using fabric glue, read directions
Using fabric glue, glue the slit flaps down flat
Using fabric glue, glue pieces of fuzzy loop side Velcro to spots marked by masking tape
Allow to dry according to glue directions (around 24 hours)

Opening slit size to cut
Opening slit after cut