connector PVC pieces
With each picture is the part letter (A to E) used in later drawings, name to use when purchasing, count needed, and comments. All pieces are Schedule 40 PVC, and all connectors are made to fit ¾ Inch PVC pipe.


Cross, ¾ x ¾

Number Needed: 1

Side Output Elbow
Has screw threads on small arm
Number Needed: 4
Tee, ¾ x ¾ x ¾

Number Needed: 4

Tee, ¾ x ¾ x ½
Like C but with screw threads
Number Needed: 2
Male Adapter, ½ x ¾
Screw threads fit into pieces B & D
Number Needed: 6

straight PVC pieces
With each picture is the part number (1 to 4) used in later drawings and count needed. All pieces are cut from Schedule 40, ¾ Inch PVC pipe.

If you cut the PVC yourself, a pair of PVC cutters is recommended. Please observe safety precautions recommended by the cutters' manufacturer.

The following lengths are recommended for a 30-inch high table. To adjust the height for a taller or shorter table, or to adjust the tent depth, the lengths of pieces marked with an * will need to be modified.

Size: 50 inch*
Cut 2 pieces

Size: 20 inch*
Cut 8 pieces

Size: 15 inch
Cut 8 pieces
Size: 4 inch
Cut 2 pieces
1 2 3 4

other items
Adhesive to hold Velcro to PVC frame Glue to hem fabric and attach Velcro to fabric Sew-on Velcro used to attach fabric to frame. Allows easy snap on set up and removal Rubber stoppers for frame legs. You will need 6 stoppers.
Additional items needed: Scissors, masking tape, and black paint (optional).