Staying on Topic

Download the PDF Form:

To help individuals with communication issues understand why they should stay on topic when having a conversation and recognize how “switching topics” affects the person they are communicating with.


  • Draw two faces and a path that connects them on a piece of paper or chalkboard.
  • Explain how this image will help them to understand the idea of staying on topic when having a conversation
  • Read the Staying on Topic handout aloud
  • Create a list of topics and practice having a conversation by staying on topic
  • Follow up by completing the Fill in the Blank form

Note: It is important to recognize that individuals with communication issues often have difficulty staying on topic due to limited ideas about what to say or short attention span.  In order to improve this skill, direct instruction and practice should be implemented.  It can be helpful to provide a list of topics and practice having a reciprocal conversation.  Setting these practice sessions up like “games” can make the process a lot more fun and interesting!