Printable Math Grids :

These grids are easy to print out and help to keep numbers in the correct column when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. You can write the problem in colored ink or colored pencil and have the child use a regular pencil. This helps the child separate his computation from the original problem.

       Example: math grid with 3/8 inch

Other Math Helpers:

  • Numbers
    Dot-2-dot number worksheets
  • vertical number line
    Great visual cue with the larger number being "higher". Room for computation problems to be worked out on the right, using the number line to help add and subtract. To substract 18-2=? just put your pencil on the 18 and move down 2 places!
  • number board
    Great visual accessory to help with addition and subtraction skills. Just put your finger on 23 and count back 5 to solve the problem 23-5=18. Print out and put in a plastic sleeve to keep in a 3 ring school binder or just cover with clear contact paper and use wherever needed.
  • multiplication table
    Multiplication grid of facts from 1 to 10. For 3x2=6, row 3 and column 2 meet at the number 6. A helpful reference sheet for learning multiplication facts, as well as prompting recall.