Songs & Games

Bully Book
A story about different points of view

Feelings Game
4 graduated lessons for learning about emotions.

Word Pairs Game

Word Pairs Game
Milly & Billy help children learn about words that go together. Pairs include: front/back, in/out, up/down, in front of/behind, over/under, and left/right.

Math Mahjong
Hone your math skills as you remove pairs of tiles that equal the same number.
Coloring Pages Coloring Pages
Work on fine motor skills while having fun coloring these pictures with a click of the mouse.
How Many?
Use pictures to count sets of objects from 1 to 10.
Balloon Mania! Balloon Mania!
Learn colors in this fun balloon shooting game.
Synonyms and Antonyms
Learn which words mean the same or opposite things by matching pairs of words

What's Different?
Pick which object does not fit Images from our View2do program.

Create customized teaching aids for visual learners.

What Color?
Learn colors with Bud.
Create A Room
Learn common nouns as you help furnish the rooms of your house.


Download & Listen to all our Safety Songs!

Volume 1

Volume 2:

Bus Safety Songs HOT! HOT! HOT!
Fire Safety Songs & Coloring pages.
Bus Safety Songs Pet Safety Songs & Coloring
"My Furry Best Friends" songs and coloring activities teach children how to properly interact with their pet dogs and cats.
Bus Safety Songs Playground Safety Songs
& Coloring
Maximillon and friends teach lessons about playing it safe on the playground
Bus Safety Songs Water Safety Songs & Coloring
Learn the basics of Water Safety by watching "Splish! Splash!" animated safety songs.
Bus Safety Songs Bus Safety Songs
These four animated songs help children learn the rules of riding the bus to school.
Fire Safety Song
The Fire Safety Song shows children of all ages what to do in case of a fire.
Street Safety Songs
The Street Safety Songs teach about being safe near the street.

Mall Safety Song Mall Safety Song
The Mall Safety Song teaches the importance of holding onto a growup while at the mall.  
Body Parts Song "Parts of Me" Song
This short animated song teaches the parts of the body.