Safety Song Singers
  • Galen Brandt, President and founder of Piglet Opera Productions (POP), writes the music and lyrics, and sings and produces our Safety Songs. Galen has composed, produced and performed children's music for many television, film, video, and book and tape projects, including projects for Disney, Hasbro, Fisher-Price and Western Publishing. Her songs have won Parents' Choice Awards, TV Guide Awards and a French Emmy. Galen graduated from Yale. She named Piglet Opera Productions after her three pet potbellied pigs: Mama, Theodore and their daughter, Sir Francis Bacon Piglet.

  • Jim Matus  Engineers, performs and co-produces for POP. He writes, engineers and produces jingles and albums, and his world music band Mawwal was recently nominated for a Grammy Award.  Jim received his B.A. in composition and guitar from Berklee College of Music.

  • Tom Hammer engineers,  performs and co-produces for POP. Tom composes for many top film, television and commercial projects, and composes and performs for major recording artists. He graduated with an Honors Classical Piano Performance Degree from William Paterson College.

Piglet Opera Music is especially proud of their Safety Song Singers, who sing on all the Street Safety Songs. 

Olivia, age 12, likes to play soccer, go to movies, and visit web sites Free Arcade and Doll Magic. Her sister Nova, age 3, loves to sing and dance. Their cousin Michelle, age 15, enjoys singing and acting. Michelle's brother John, age 4, loves to play his Game Boy. Colin, age 13, plays bass guitar and enjoys reading and playing video games. Leah, age 5, likes to sing, wear purple, and visit PBSKids on the web.

The Safety Song Singers are happy to be helping other children learn how to act and play safely.

Everyone at Piglet Opera Productions hopes you enjoy the songs and find them helpful.