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Improving Communication Skills

Ending A Conversation

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To help individuals with communication and social issues identify appropriate and inappropriate ways to end a friendly conversation with another person.

Real Life Examples

When talking to peers, teachers or parents


When talking to peers, teachers or parents


When talking with co-workers or employers


  • Read the explanation of “Ending a Conversation” and discuss how a conversation is like a book with the different parts to it.
  • Complete the brainstorming map by taking each item off of the list and deciding which category the behavior belongs to (appropriate or inappropriate).
  • Discuss WHY each behavior is categorized in this way and offer the other person’s perspective.
  • Role play “ending a conversation”.  First, practice the inappropriate examples then introduce the best ways to end a conversation with another person.
Many individuals with communication and social disorders have difficulty understanding what another person may be thinking or feeling. Because of this, it is important to provide that perspective for them while you are teaching them the appropriate ways to end a conversation. This will allow them to learn what to do and why.

Sample Form: