This is an example of a school work communication folder. All the information that is needed to get the task done is organized and listed here. Handy for homework and classroom work. Communication folders are wonderful for building independence.

works best using a plastic colored folder for durability
attach work assignment with appropriate explanations, and a place to check when finished, on the left page
attach worksheets on facing page in order, attached with paper clips
picture cards for asking help, requesting break, or bathroom are attached with Velcro and available at the bottom


The front of the folder explains that it is time to do work, then it will be time to play ball. Put a reward in the bottom square that the child will look forward to.

attach picture cards with Velcro (laminate or cover them with clear contact paper to stabilize; or attach piece of cereal box for added stability before covering with tape or contact paper)
provide other options at the bottom that might be used. Example, first sit, then be quiet, then it is time for work.

Thanks to Christine Moran, therapist, Fayetteville TEACCH Center