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Bath Time Clock

More Ideas

The more we share, the more we learn. Here are some thoughts from our users about how they use picture cards and visual tools, and what works best for them. If you have a tip that you would like to contribute, please email us.

be creative!

"Your picture system is a big help for my five and two year olds. We are moving to a new home in 2 weeks and are looking for some pictures to help them understand what all the boxes are about. Also to help them understand that all their stuff will go to the new house and so will all of the family. My oldest really has trouble with transitions and picture cues really help settle her. Could you help us with this problem?"

Staff note: We don't have picture cards specifically for moving, but how about a
story strip explaining what is happening? Use the pictures we provide for house, blocks (without words for boxes), leave, group of people (family), car, and new house. Customize with colors and words to designate family members, special treasures to be moved and houses. Good Luck to the whole family with the transition!

Refrigerator Magnets
"We already use picture cards-and we do laminate (purchased own machine) and use velcro--but, we also use self sticking magnets. They come on a strip--very inexpensive--use on the refrigerator or on a cookie sheet."

Bath Time Clock
"We put the clock face (Figure1) to show how much play time she has. You need to have a real working clock close by to see when the times match, and it's time to wash."
Karen, NC

Power Point as a Learning Tool
"If you know how to use Microsoft powerpoint, then you have a useful tool for learning. I put together slide presentations with clip art and using a microphone, I record sounds. For instance, the slide shows a picture of a cow, the word cow, and a voice saying "cow". It's proven to work extremely well with my autistic son because it's both visual and auditory."

A Day in Pictures

Make a Quick Card
"I use 3-M Tear-By-Hand packing tape to quickly 'laminate' a 1 inch picture. A like to reinforce the picture with a small piece of cardboard cut from a cereal box. I put the two together, fold over the tape and then tear it to size. Presto, another bathroom card for my pocket!"
Catherine, Apex, NC

Invaluable Calendars
"I find using a calendar to show weekly patterns of school, lessons, or therapies invaluable. My daughter use all levels of schedules, but the monthly calendar really lets her look forward to school holidays and special events. Please share more information on using them for your visitors!"

Conversation Starters
"The forms where you can put in a picture and write something next to it are wonderful for sending back and forth between school. They are a wonderful prompt to get my son to talk about his day at school and for him to share what he has done at home. We have even starting developing conversations from these!"
MK, California

A Day in Pictures
The story strip below is used by Catherine Miller to help her child prepare for the day. As she so beautifully shows, it does not have to be complex to work.