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JobTIPS Subscription Options:

Single User License:

Each teacher is welcome to use Jobtips with each of his/her students in a one-to-one setting using one computer login, or from an overhead display in a classroom setting using one computer login for the display. However, only one login is allowed at a time on a single user subscription. If students need to use JobTIPS with their own login, they must have their own subscription. Please don’t share your password with anyone. The program scans for multiple logins on a single user license and will disable accounts where it sees issues. Group, volume, and lab discount quotes are available by emailing

Multiple User Licenses:

To order multiple licenses, click the "Add to Cart" button, then type in the number of users next to the item in your shopping basket.

Volume Discount:

Special pricing is available for school systems, organizations, and state agencies. Contact Us for more information.

JobTIPS Pro Version Only:

If you prefer to order the Jobtips Pro without the student version please contact us. The independent pricing is still $250/yr.

Version Yearly Subscription Price  
JobTIPS Student $199 per user
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JobTIPS Bundle
(JobTIPS Student & JobTIPS Toolbox PRO)
$350 per user
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  • If you have a current subscription, click the "Add to Cart" button and check out using the same email address as your current subscription, and one year will be added to your current expiration date.


  • How do I change my email or password for my account?
    After logging in using your current email address and password, there is a link to change your password or email address for the account.
  • Multiple User Licenses:
    When ordering more than one user license at one time, you will need to provide an email address of the user who will be the administrator of the account. The administrator will be able to set up and manage the individual user accounts per the license agreement.
  • If I subscribe to JobTIPS as a single user, will I be able to access it on both my home and work computers?
    Yes! You can use JobTIPS from any internet connected computer. Please note that single user licenses are for a single user, and only one location can be logged in at a time.
  • My password doesn't work.
    Be sure your password is typed exactly since it is case sensitive. (Try cutting and pasting your password to make sure it is correct.) If you still have problems, click "forgot password" and have a new one sent to you.
  • I am having trouble logging into my account.
    School systems sometimes use a proxy server which blocks access to some websites. Please contact your school's IT person if you are blocked from accessing the program.
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